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Our Story


Hi, I’m Nitasha and I’d like to thank you for visiting Fizzy Fern – a venture from the heart. It’s a modest beginning by my husband (Robin), my brother (Sugam) and I, and we try very hard to bring you the best possible skincare products, packed with a lot of love. Like most middle class families, we too were working and settled, with Robin working for a multinational beer company and me with a bank. But it took just a little over 30 seconds on a traffic signal that led to us launching Fizzy Fern. If you’ve got a little time, do read on and maybe you too could spread smiles.

It all started while I was driving back from a meeting back in March 2017. It was appraisal time in office and of course all colleagues were happy and excited about the possibility of a pay raise.

I stood at a red light watching a little girl trying to sell a pen to the car parked next to me. Her pleads weren’t really making an impact to the man sitting inside. I’d had a good day at work so I rolled down the window and called for her. She ran to me and offered to sell me a pen for 20 rupees. I asked her how many pens she had and she started smiling (probably she knew what was coming). She suddenly said “Didi dus pen hain, aap saare loge toh 15 ka de sakti hoon” (Sister, I have 10 and if you buy all I could give them to you for 15 a piece). I gave her 200 rupees and said I’ll take all. She was elated beyond bounds. I asked her what she would do with the money and she said she would have to give an account in the evening and will get some money out of it. It was probably a good day and 20 seconds left for the light to turn green- I gave her the pens back and also asked her to keep the money. The sight that I saw next had me in tears- she screamed in happiness and called her little sister a few cars away who was probably selling pens too; she yelled to her “Aaj chocolate kha sakte hain (today we can eat a chocolate)”. While the light turned green and I drove off, I had left two little girls jumping on the road, who couldn’t control their smiles and of course were now looking forward to eating their chocolate.

As I reached office, I realised apart from the additional bank balance and things I could buy with that, I wasn’t very different from those girls in what I was doing. They sold pens to people they considered HNI’s and I was selling financial instruments to people I knew were HNI’s. They would get a cut from their pen sales and I would make my incentive basis the revenue I generated for my company. It was just such a strange feeling. So I sat back in my chair and decided to pen down the few things that I had always enjoyed, took inspiration from and that mattered (hoping to find my own chocolate). And it didn’t take me time to realise a few things:

Every time I visit a beach, I’m constantly drawn towards the pleasure of watching the sunset; the waves seem to whisper to me and the cool breeze that blows across my face makes me admire the vastness of the ocean.

Every time I visit the hills, I dream of a home somewhere in the midst of tall trees, winding roads and the freshest air.

Every time I interact with the people with modest means in villages, I am amazed at how they use the simplest things in their most raw forms to sustain in life. It could be a potter just using stone & soil to give shape to something beautiful; a lady collecting small pieces of wood to light a small fire & cook for her family; people who pluck a small stem from a tree because they don’t know what a toothpaste is. Nature has a solution for all our needs. And while at work, a full day at work never gave me as much pleasure as the 10-minute indulgence where I would sneak out of my cabin, splash water on my face and spray a mist or apply a lotion to be fresh again.

I felt the best when I was closest to nature. Idecided that day- I’d rather be found dead in a pool of freshly plucked rose petals than while making a financial plan for an affluent High Networth Individual. The idea of Fizzy Fern was just born!

And of course, whenever I see small girls selling pens, I continue the ritual and hope that one day I’d be able to do something better for them