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Fizzy Fern Family

Our belief about women in today’s times

We strongly believe that women today do not need empowerment, they only need a good opportunity. Our sisters, wives, mothers and daughters are way more intelligent, forthcoming and exposed to the world, than the generation that lived before us. They are shouldering equal household and even financial responsibility, working at world leading organizations, making a mark for themselves and are capable of succeeding at everything that was once considered only a man’s job. We at Fizzy Fern strongly believe that today it’s about the opportunity and we have structured our business to welcome women to our “Fizzy Fern Family” program and celebrate this independent identity called womanhood!

What is the business opportunity ?

First things first, it’s important to understand that this is not the usual MLM (multi level marketing) program. This means that you will never be in that awkward position forcing your friends to become members- we understand that’s difficult.

We’re providing you with an opportunity to become an authorized channel partner and earn an immediate and rewarding margin on sales of our premium range of skin care products- these are the products that you, your friends, family and neighbors use daily. We give you products at your doorstep so that you do not have to go anywhere. If you look around you, there are a lot of people in your network selling suits, baking dishes, etc and keeping themselves busy. You can now have your own premium skin care business we’re backing you completely. You start small within your circle as a one-off sale and slowly you will see it growing in your network with corporate orders, festival gift packs, weddings and a lot more! After all, who doesn’t like to use and gift chemical free skin care products.


AS LOW AS INR 10,000/-

It’s completely up to you. You can start for as less as INR 10,000 (rupees ten thousand). We do have multiple investment options starting from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000


Yes! We provide you with regular brand content, images and product information that you can share in your network over your whatsapp groups. We also keep updating you on new launches, product and ingredient benefits, etc. We make sure that at any given point you and your network is aware of all our products

Interested & want to know more?

If you think you’d like to be a part of this small and growing family, do let us know. We’ll be happy to hear from you. If you think there’s anyone who is a great fit for this- please share the opportunity and help someone realise their potential