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Under Eye Recovery Gel with Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid & Ashwagandha


Fizzy Fern’s Deeply Effective Under Eye Recovery Gel

Say goodbye to under eye bags, puffiness, and stressed skin. Our under eye recovery gel forms a protective film on the delicate skin around the eyes, which increases hydration. The ingredients wake up tired eyes by reducing dark circles and fine lines. The caffeine in this gel calms the skin, while visibly reducing under-eye bags, making the eyes appear brighter and larger. This gel also contains ingredients that improve skin quality and immunity, reduce the chances of allergies and rashes with the antioxidant properties. Pamper your windows to the world with this gentle yet deeply effective gel!

Key Ingredients

Nourishing, Restoring, and Hydrating Key Ingredients

Rejuvenating and Protecting Tamarind

This is a natural skin protector given the high Vitamin C and antioxidants such as carotene. It helps to reduce blemishes and pigmentation, thereby eliminating dark circles, leaving the eyes and face looking healthier and brighter. It protects the delicate skin around the eye from infections.

Soothing and Healing Caffeine

This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and constrictive properties that decrease under eye puffiness and redness. It calms the skin and gives it a tighter and smoother appearance thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Your face and eyes feel soothed and rejuvenated.

Restoring and Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid

Highly beneficial and effective against dry skin, it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while also speeding up the healing process of wounds. It leaves the skin smoother and hydrated, giving it a healthy appearance.

Protecting and Caring Ashwagandha

This ingredient has high amount of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help to keep the delicate under eye skin free of infections. It also protects the skin against free radicals, which keeps the skin vibrant, fresh, and bright giving the eyes a bright and energized appearance.

Other Key Ingredients

Moringa ExtractLoaded with Vitamin C, it boosts collagen that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging puffy skin. It also has antioxidants, antibacterial, and nourishing properties that leave the eyes appearing brighter and full of life.

NiacinamideThis water-soluble vitamin complements the natural substances in the skin to make the pores tighter, soften the fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dullness, and strengthen the sagging skin around the eyes.

Lactic AcidIt improves the skin’s ability to lock in moisture, leaving the dull and sagging skin hydrated and healthier.

Gotu KolaPotent combination of all properties that the skin requires to combat signs of ageing and remain protected by environmental stressors. It keeps the skin tighter by boosting the formation of collagen, which reduces the puffiness and sagging of the skin around the eyes.


Instructions for Use

  • Take a small amount on your finger tips
  • Massage gently onto the skin around the eyes in an outward motion
  • Best applied before sleeping and pre-makeup

Suitable For

Under Eye Recovery Gel is Suitable For

  • All Skin Types
  • Perfect Solution to Combat Signs of Ageing, Pigmentation, and Under Eye Puffiness

Why it's good?

  • Long lasting and visible effects as mentioned
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Paraben and Sulphate Free
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • No Testing on Animals

Why we need an under eye gel?

Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes, known as under eye bags becomes increasingly common with age. The muscles surrounding the eyes begin to weaken, and the fat supporting the eyes moves into the lower eyelids, giving the appearance of puffiness. Another reason is the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, increasing the swelling. While there are no serious medical indications of this, it definitely is a cosmetic concern. This condition makes people look older, since the skin under the eyes becomes dark and there are noticeable wrinkles. There are several reasons for under eye darkening:

  • Fluid retention (post a salt meal and post waking up)
  • Paucity of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Hereditary reasons

Cool compresses, tea bags, and other home remedies may work short term. However, what you do need is an effective under eye gel/lotion to make a significant improvement. There are a number of such products in the market but it is important to choose the right and most effective products. 

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