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Use Shikakai Hair Oil for Soft, Shiny and Strong Hair

March 24, 2020

Shikakai is well known as Acacia Concinna. It is a climbing shrub of Ayurvedic formulation found in parts of Asia, and Central and South India. Its preparation is finished by drying its bark, fruit pods and leaves. After grinding, Shikakai is turned into a paste, which can then be used as a hair cleanser. It has also properties that aid the hair become strong and smooth when used on a daily basis.

Shikakai and its Medicinal Properties

Antibacterial and Antifungal - It helps in wiping out dandruff and can be expediently used for the scalp treatment.

Nutritional Properties – Shikakai hair oil is extremely useful in maintaining healthy hair. It promotes hair enlargement by releasing necessary oils and vitamins into the scalp.

Antioxidising - The application of Shikakai hair oil has helped to repair damaged hair and averting split ends. As a natural herb in it is also effective in preventing the hair from getting fragile.

Shikakai Therapeutic Indications –

Therapeutic Indications of indications include

  • Lice Treatment
  • Stress
  • Dandruff

Benefits of Using Shikakai hair Oil

Works as a Hair Cleanser - It has great Ayurvedic properties that make it one of the most excellent natural hair cleansers. It acts as an amazing alternative option to chemical-based shampoos. Being a gentle cleanser, it does not make the scalp lose its natural oils. It cleanses the hair effectively without causing any bad effects on the scalp or hair.

Conditions Hair - Shikakai has a low pH-level. It is one of the most excellent natural treatments for detangling the hair to make them shiny and smooth. It not only cleanses the hair but also conditions them. It helps to make the hair softer and brings about beautiful shine because of its natural ingredients.

Treats Dandruff - It is a great Ayurvedic remedy to fight fungal infections that might cause dandruff. It is full of plentiful vitamins. It averts issues like aggravation and follicle. It also deals with itching and dryness effectively.

Makes Hair Shiny and Smooth – Packed with rich vitamins and minerals, it makes the hair smooth and shiny. Its ayurvedic formula makes the hair much more convenient while adding a remarkable shine. It releases necessary vitamins and oils that make softer the hair and give confidence hair enlargement.

Prevents Hair Loss - Shikakai consists of essential nutrients that help to promote and maintain healthy hair. This kind of natural herb averts hair loss and permits the hair to recover shiny thickness and length. It releases essential oils and vitamins that are useful in encouraging hair growth.

Helps To Remove Lice - Shikakai not only brings about cleanses to your hair but also eliminates lice. All you require to do is: mix some lemon drops with Shikakai puree and apply the blend to your hair. If you use regular use, it not only curbs the trouble of scalp discomfort and uncontrollable itchiness but also keeps the lice away for good.

Helps To Retain Hair Colour

Shikakai is an effective hair remedy that helps to maintain hair color and prevents early graying of hair if applied regularly. You can use a hair pack made of Shikakai, soap nut and other herbal ingredients like Amla to prevent graying of hair.

Relieves Stress - Shikakai has a cooling consequence. It helps to relieve headache and stress when it is applied to the head and used for massages. To get relief from headache, chiefly during hot weather, you can use Shikakai, Amla, yogurt and soap nut as a cooling pack.