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Use Best Oil for Hair Growth and Realize Your Ultimate Personal Beauty

March 24, 2020

A thick head of hair can increase your self-esteem and is one of the most anticipated beauty qualities for both men and women. The concept of good and bad hair days indicates the standing of hair in daily life.

Everyone is bound to have their fair share of both good and bad hair days, some more than others. People of different races and sexes tend to have more or less a similar number of hair follicles, but not unescapably the similar quality or hair kind. Whether you have crimped, curly, straight, or hair depends completely on the hair follicle.

Only some people are blessed with silky hair, shiny, and silky hair. Most have to work untiringly to maintain the appearance and health of their tresses. Even those people who are born with incredible hair cannot take them for granted.

Haircare is essential, especially since there is no fugitive the daily hair injury tempted by aging as well as. environmental pollutants. Thus, the hair quality care will determine the beauty and strength of your hair. A wide range of metabolic effort goes into the formation of each hair strand, which can be aided and accelerated by a proper hair regimen.

Oiling is a vigorous part of any hair care routine irrespective of your type of hair, texture or length. Effectively, it deals with a wide range of issues like dryness, dandruff, split ends, breakage, and hair loss. Use the best oil for hair growth to wipe out such problems in your life.

Merits of using the best oil for hair growth

  • Effectively promotes hair growth
  • Essentially controls hair fall
  • Used as a hair conditioner
  • Nurtures hair follicles

Stages of Hair Growth

Anagen: The growth phase. This phase is not only the most active phase of the hair growth cycle but also the longest, lasting for nearly 2-6 years. During this phase, there is a rapid multiplication of hair cells at the base of the hair follicles, which translates into the development of new hair shafts.

Catagen (Transition phase)

This phase demarcates the end of the active growth of hair and activates the deterioration of the hair follicle. The nethermost of the follicular sheath shrinks and attaches itself to the hair shaft in this stage.  As a result, the blood flow from the papilla and new-fangled hair cells from the hair matrix fails to reach the hair root. Therefore, the hair turns into a club hair.

Catagen (Transition Phase)

It is the shortest phase of the growth cycle of hair, which lasts for only one to two weeks before the hair enters the last phase. Only 1 percent of hair is found in this stage.

Telogen – (Resting phase)

Once the hair is completely formed, it enters this last stage. At a time, almost 10 percent of the hair on your head is completely mature. Before naturally falling out, the hair sticks for approximately three months on the scalp.

Key Points

  • Suitable blood circulation in the scalp is the basis of healthy hair as it feeds the hair roots and allows hair cell proliferation, which is essential for hair growth
  • In the course of the normal hair growth cycle, hair fall has become an important part therefore it cannot be avoided.
  • Once a hair strand nurtures to its full length, it falls out of the hair follicle to permit a new one to breed in its place.
  • The growth of hair depends on several factors, from heredities to diet.
  • There are herbal, medical, and basic home care treatments that can aid augment and maintain vigorous hair growth.

There are various factors responsible for slow hair growth including nutritionally or unhealthy lacking diet; side effects of certain drugs; elevated stress; exposure to environmental pollutants or radiation; hormonal imbalances; smoking; and increased stress levels. Thus, use the best oil for hair growth so that you can easily realize your ultimate personal glory.