About Us

At Fizzy Fern, our goal is simple. We’d like to help women across age groups, have a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. We do this by bringing high-quality skincare products, that have fast and visible results. We’re also a family that values small joys of life & we keep toxins out of it!  So, we will always be free of harsh chemicals (no sulfates, no parabens) and free of guilt (cruelty free). All our products are made in small batches, we’re careful of what goes into our products and understand that only the finest ingredients give you good & responsible products.


Our Duty

Our duty is towards the environment, and doing small little things that can prevent any known harm to our beautiful planet. We evaluate our ingredients—both natural and non-toxic alternatives—for purity, effectiveness and safety, and only then do we freeze and select our formulations. Using lesser water and ensuring it’s not wasted is one of the other ways we do this. We’re also striving hard to slowly move to glass instead of plastic- this one is very tough as glass has it’s own challenges with weight, breakages, cost and availability; however, we’re willing to give this a shot and our new range of “Alive Theory” products are currently being tested with a glass bottle launch.

Proudly Indian!

We’re proud of, and love our Indian roots, with a lot of respect for women and the impact they have on everyday life. We celebrate womanhood and their way of life in today’s world – with an independent undying spirit, fearless self-expression and originality. We also have an initiative to support women who wish to either start a home based venture or add to their existing business- we call it our Fizzy Fern Family

We also have a request for you:

If you ever come across a small girl child (on a street or a traffic signal) begging or trying to sell you something, please don’t shun her away. Help her! it’s this small girl that gave us inspiration to start Fizzy Fern and it’s because of her that you’re probably reading this here. 

Do read Our Story, if you’d like to know more.

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